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village of sahara el borj guelmim

Lgzira & Guelmim Desert Escape To Sahara

From Coastal Wonders to Desert Magic: A Journey Beyond the Horizon

Service Description

Excursion Lgzira / Desert (2 Days) Day 1: From the Coast to the Gateway of the Desert 08:00 - Departure from Agadir for an unforgettable adventure. We take the scenic route through Massa, heading towards the picturesque beach of Lgzira. 11:15 - Arrival at Lgzira. Enjoy free time to explore the beach with its famous rock arches and breathtaking landscapes. Relax and savor a delicious lunch on site (included). 15:00 - Departure for Guelmim via the charming coastal town of Sidi Ifni. 16:30 - Arrival in Guelmim, known as the "Gateway to the Desert" of Morocco. Discover the authenticity of the Grand Camel Market, the largest in Morocco. 17:00 - We continue our adventure to our desert campsite. 18:15 - Arrival at the bivouac. Settle into traditional Saharan tents and enjoy a warm Sahrawi tea. Embark on a walk over the sand dunes to witness an unforgettable sunset, a magical moment of pure serenity. Return to the camp after the sunset for a traditional dinner under the stars (included), followed by an enchanting performance of desert music. Day 2: Oasis and Hidden Treasures 07:30 - Wake up with a delicious breakfast (included). 08:30 - Departure for the oasis of Tighmert, a true green gem in the heart of the desert. Departure for Tiznit - Continue your journey to Tiznit, a fortified city famous for its silver jewelry. 12:00 - Arrival in Tiznit and lunch (included). Explore the city, its vibrant souks, and historic ramparts. 15:30 - Return to Agadir with unforgettable memories of your Saharan adventure. 17:00 - Arrival in Agadir, end of the excursion. This two-day excursion offers a complete immersion into the wild beauty of southern Morocco, between stunning beaches, desert landscapes, and picturesque villages. Join us for this exceptional adventure with Explore Agadir Tours and discover places where time seems to stand still. NOTE: Childrens must be accompanied by Adult

  • 48 hr
  • From 70 يورو
  • Explore Agadir Tours

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  • Explore Agadir Tours

    Agadir, Morocco


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